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Sweet apple cider

Sweet Apple Cider - (2L, 1L or 375ml)

Made from apples, and nothing but apples. Ultra-violet filtered (not pasteurized) to preserve the authentic taste. Great served cold or hot with cinnamon.



Apple Raspberry cider

Apple Raspberry Cider - (2L, 1L or 375ml)

Made from apples and raspberries.
A tart summer drink.





Bristol light cider

'Bristol' Light Cider - (750ml or 375ml)

5.5% ABV

A light crisp dry English-style cider.






Apple pies coming out of the oven

Double-Crust Apple Pie






Apple crumble fresh out of the oven

Apple Crumble Pie






Apple cookies

Apple Cookies






Apple crisp

Apple Crisp





Apple Muffins

Apple Puffs

Apple Butter

Sweet Apple Cider Jelly

Raspberry Cider Jelly

Strawberry Jam

Raspberry Jam

Fresh Apples (in season)

Fresh Raspberries (in season)

Gift Basket

Wedding favours

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