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About Coronation Hall Cider Mills

Coronation Hall is Pontiac County’s first -and only- licensed winery, making ‘Bristol Light Cider‘ 5.5% al./vol under Artisanal Permit # AC-063.

Founded in 2003 in the historic village of Bristol, Quebec, Coronation Hall Cider Mills celebrated its grand opening on October 11, 2008! Well over 400 people attended- thank you to so many of our friends and neighbours who attended and who lent a helping hand!

Currently, we have a variety of, well, apple varieties available for sale by the dozen to the bushel. We also press a few times a week, usually on Wednesdays – Fridays. We’re always happy to have visitors come and see what we do; bring a jug, and you can get the freshest juice available!

Photo of Coronation Dance Hall

Throughout the year, we offer family events, courses, tastings, and archaeological and heritage tours of the area, all based from the 1936 Coronation Dance Hall.

We can set up custom tours for you or your group. Contact us for more information. If you would like to retail or serve our hard or sweet ciders, call us at 819 647 2547.

Our main supplier of apples is Third Line Orchards.

Thank you for visiting Coronation Hall Cider Mills!

Who does what at the Cider Mills

Greg Graham : President, sales, marketing, special events, operations, sweet cider making

Garry Graham : Cider room maintenance and finances

Norma Graham : Tearoom baking and planning

Gord Graham : Orchard management

Shawn Graham : Hard cider maker